bridges are fascinating feats of engineering and in some ways the epitome of the genius of mankind. there are bridges that join nations, states, cities and villages. there are bridges that are not only ingenious and practical but also beautiful and awe inspiring. there are bridges that simply afford a means to get from point a to point b. some of these bridges captivate the imagination of children and challenge the aptitude of even the most skilled minds. bridges can challenge all of us.

i can't help but think of the bridges that i need to build in my own life. bridges to those around me that i love and cherish. bridges to the goals that i yearn to achieve. and most importantly the life long construction of the bridge that will unite the man that i am with the man that i long to become.

as i look at this image of a bridge covered in snow i can't help but think of the season that we find ourselves in and the year ahead. the bridge may be covered in snow and ice and unclear today but what will tomorrow bring? will it clear the path? what other events both environmental and emotional in my life will make my bridge from today to tomorrow a little more difficult or even easier to cross?

when i put on my big picture glasses i wonder what projects i am currently developing, executing, completing, researching to build that amazing bridge from this life to the next.

this summer i had the chance to visit new york city. i walked across the brooklyn bridge, a great feat of industrial age. it stands, for many in this nation as a symbol to the ingenuity and prowess of the american people. the construction is sound. the architecture is monumental and recognized the world over. each brick that was laid was placed with caution and with the intent to endure the winds and torrents of the ages. this bridge was built to endure the centuries as it supports a city of millions. will the bridge that i am building to my next life be as strong a symbol? will it be as beautiful and passionately sculpted as a rich contemporary dance that pulls every emotion from your very core? will my bridge fly across the void it spans like powerful eagle? will my bridge reach deep into the earth and into the layers of soil and history to find its anchor?

what will my bridge be?
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