a soldier's prayer

Dear Lord I come to thee this night
On bended knee, with broken heart
I pray you’ll hear my humble words
My meek and simple part

Dear Lord I come to thee this night
With heart and eyes toward heaven turned
My soul is wracked, my lesson’s learned

Dear Lord I come to thee this night
Please clear my mind and steal my fright
That all might sleep in peace this night

Dear Lord I come to thee this night
I pray my words will find you there
I send my precious ones to you
With faith, with hope,
With love, with care

The rattle of guns, the cannons blast
The cry of war, a cry so vain
I hope through this my strength will last
That soon I will see home again

I fight this battle day after day
Among these souls who praise my name
Protecting shores so far away
So here I stand, for freedom’s flame
I will stand and right proclaim
I will share this righteous flame
I will protect fair Liberty’s flame
Dear Lord I come to thee this night
Please grant me strength to be the one
To lift men up, to give them light
That soon to them thy peace might come

A simple man is all I am
Yet I know a greater plan
Of bold and brilliant, brazen men
That fought for freedom for their kin

Let me be that man dear Lord
That fought for all that’s good
On Omaha and in Saigon
In Gettysburg and far beyond

They fought with wings of eagles
Soaring from behind
Bringing light, peace and promise
A hope to all mankind

These are souls that rest with thee
But Lord, this night I pray
That they will stand with me

I am but a soldier Lord
Innocent and free
And I will not put down this flame
That thou hast granted me.

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Bravone said...

Thanks Nathan!