another letter to a friend...

so it's 8:30 i just barely got home. i'd been so excited about tonight all week. i was really looking forward to it. but somehow i confounded the directions that i was given and couldn't find the chapel. i swear she said 3400 west and 5200 south. i'm really bummed actually.

friend, i admire you. please don't feel that you have some crazy gay stalker because no, that's not it at all. i'm drawn to you because of the incredible person that you are. i'm inspired by your wisdom, your insight and your compassion. i'm touched by your drive and passion for your art and for everything that makes you a better person. i'm fascinated by your clear and fantastic joi-de-vivre. i'm touched by your pure, non-judgmental love for each and every person that you meet. i'm motivated by your insistence to strive to be better without any hint or air of piousness.

you're truly one of the greatest people that i have met and i want to be around because you make me want to be a better person. you are the type of person that i long to surround myself with. you make me strive to improve myself and my art. you make me want to stand for my beliefs and live up to my eternal potential. and all just by the power of who you are.

friend i'm sorry i missed tonight. so sorry in fact that i'm nearly in tears. i need that spirit in my life. i need the feeling of striving for something greater and being something greater.

you have no idea what power your inquisitive nature has had over me. i've sought out the spirit more regularly. i'm striving to live more fully the gospel that i still believe to be true. i'm struggling to understand the path that i must take and be bold enough to make that leap of faith. to say it was all your doing would be flattery, and a tiny white lie. but your influence on well, nearly a daily basis these days sure makes me want to be a better me.

to be honest you're like that one elder in the mission that i always wanted to be paired with because i KNEW that he and i would be the best team and be able to make an amazing impact of the lives of so many. but alas we were never companions because there was more that the lord had in store...

friend, i don't want to creep you out. and i hope i don't. i just want to thank you ever so sincerely for reaching out and touching my life you're a great person and a great example to me.

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