twisting and turning in a space that's too small

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i believe that life is about a continual reinvention of self. through each phase, a phase defined by you yourself perhaps in retrospect or perhaps, if you are very self aware, you know when you are moving into a new phase of life, but nonetheless each phase to me is a redefinition of the person that we long to become. i don't believe that i've ever completely lost sight of the big picture but i've certainly had to reassess things from time to time. it's always been a challenge but often a task that i welcome and and even yearn for. but getting there is the challenge.

i've often felt like the pieces of my life just don't fit anymore. i'fe felt like i've been running from something that seems to always been a few steps ahead of me. i can't explain the emotions and the thoughts as well as i'd like to but the image in my mind fits some of the lyrics of this great song. i've felt like i was "twisting and turning in a space that's too small." i've felt like i haven't been living up to my potential and my talent.

i haven't been giving my all to what matters, i've been giving my all away... i need to surrender to my potential and to my heart and live life as i see my big picture. i need to make the pieces fit in their best most organic form. i kno w that man that i'm eant to be and i need to stand say, "ok, i'm ready to take on this role and be the one. i don't know how i'll get there or why i've been asked to take it on but i know what's right and i know that this is what i'm supposed to do and where i'm supposed to be. i'm greater than the man that i have been."

this is why...
this is why the pieces don't fit anymore.

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