So I was down in Zion today (that's utah valley for all foreign to utah terminology) and it was eye opening.

FOr those of you who don't know I was a student at the Lord's University from 2001 through 2004. It was awesome but ended all too soon. Being on campus today brought back some erious memories and made me re-think some of my motivations in life.

I'm going really deep when I ask this rhetorical question... What if I went BACK to BYU ? There is a lot that would have to happen in order to make that happen but what if it were a possibility. and I returned to the school that I had always wanted to attend. What if I went back to the school that inspired me and was really a phenomenal education?

I'll admit the htough got me a little emotional. I'm not one to shed a tear for the good ole days but more for the missed-opportunites-days. But you know one is never too late to go back and try again. So... What if?
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