is it time for a revolution?

we are governed by fear, and even fear of our own. we are fretting the tiniest of infractions, distracted by their manufactured gravity, while votes are regularly stolen by machines operated by the secret combinations that would overthrow real democracy for the shadow of choice and the illusion of freedom. we are willingly sacrificing our rights to those fears. we're abandoning the sacred principles of this nation in the name of national security. there is a coup that is happening and it has nothing to do with this supposed threat that we're trying to protect ourselves from but has everything to do with slow and steady demolition of our rights.

I would much rather be too forgiving, too bound by process, too strict to the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution, too liberal in the interpretation of our laws, too gracious in the giving of aid, too kind to those that seek asylum, too laborious in the excise of justice, too generous to those in poverty, too careful to strike out at war, too quick to admit our errors, too clear and transparent in my doings, because i would much rather err on the side of goodness at the risk of being called naive than be perceived as a nation of bigots, fear-mongers, and war criminals, quick to abandon their poor and strike at the slightest hint of wrong doing. A few votes here and there aren't going to make or break us it is what is done with those votes that will determine this nation. it is the powers that manipulate those voices that would bend to their money that we should worry about... we have much bigger problems to worry about.

i cannot tolerate those that will plunder our society by remaining barely legal in their actions and leaving behind all shred of honesty, duty, values, and responsibility to the society, the world, the environment, their consumers. i cannot stomach wealthy men and women who will lobby, plot, manipulate and destroy the fiber of competition, integrity, and decency that makes our nation and this world great. i cannot tolerate the encroaching monopolies. i cannot sit by and idly watch our houses of government filled with men and women whose allegiances to their oath of office are overshadowed by their duties to those that bought their place in office, and therefore their voice. i cannot simply watch the middle class be systematically eliminated by those that would hord power and money, while fleecing the public to believe that by taxing the rich justly they are stealing the American dream, a dream that has been made impossible, not by the efforts of those that would protect the middle class and the poor but rather a dream that has been eliminated by those who have bought this nation from those who have bled to keep it free. i truly believe that the power lies with the people but only if they are wise to the lies that they have been told.

right now we have been controlled by fear, manipulated by scarcity, and lulled into a sense of every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost. the devil in this day and age is those that have not known sacrifice, have not known struggle, have not known poverty, have not known difficulties... they are the ultra-rich, the new monarchy of this world, the elite, the royalty that believe they are above the laws because they can make those laws by dropping their billions collectively on campaigns that buy elections. it is time that the people, the every day people, us commoners, we, the people must stand up and scream that enough is enough. we must remove from power those that have stolen it with their unrighteously earned millions, and would say to us, "let them eat cake." it is time for OUR revolution, it is time for us to chop of their figurative heads and start again with the interests of all in mind, that poor man might become rich by the sweat of his brow, that opportunity might become a right for all mankind and not just for those that can afford it.

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