seeing red

This world is a vaste experiment in humanity. Thre is nothing more eye-opening, more freeing, more frightening, more liberating, more uneasy, than traveling and becoming a part of a culture that forces you to see beyond yourself and to analyze your own motivations. Over the past couple weeks I have been fortunate enough to be so greatly challenged that my ability to cope was questioned and in turn, through the course of unforeseeable events, strengthened. There were moments where I truly did see red, both literally and figuratively. I look forward to writing more about the experience and sharing my thoughts with you. Now that I've breached the great cyber wall of China, my thoughts on Mao, communism, imagination in a land of 1.3 billion, the interest of the few versus the yearning of the many, and the pure beauty of a relatively undiscovered country will become fuel for writing and adventures, stories and more. nathan - signature 001

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