i was here...

the purpose of this life is to discover your gift.
the meaning of life is to give your gift away

when i leave this world and my mortal shell has fallen to dust i hope and pray that my life will go one in the lives of those that i have touched with my hope, my love, my heart, my passion for life. i believe that all that i do to help others and to lift others up is the gift that i have been given. i pray that those that i love are proud of the person that i am becoming and see in me the great things that i long to do and try to do each and every day. i imagine a world where goodness lives in each and every tiny act of kindness and benevolence. i live in a world where people are afraid to show that love and that goodness. i strive each and everyday to change that. i wake up inspired to impact the life of but one soul and change this world one day at a time. i live each day for the beauty that it offers me and i aspire to soar above the ugliness into a horizon of a magnificent future. i yearn each day to change this world. i can only work harder each day to be sure that my hand, my works, my soul, my dreams have become a reality and that the culmination of who i am, who i will become and who i was matches the man i believe i am trying to be. when my spirit flies to that great beyond i hope that the world will still know that I WAS HERE.

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