letters to my love

i've decided to start a bit of a series. i believe that someday i will find my soul mate and there is so much that i want to tell him. so over the next few weeks, months or even years i want to share with you the letters that i write the man of my dreams.

hey cute boy-

we haven't known each other very long but you've already changed my life. having you in my life is like having a cheerleader on the front lines of my everyday. i can't tell you how your smile simply makes my day. i feel like being with you makes me strive to be a better person and reach higher. i've only had that feeling once before in my life. it's more than refreshing to know that you're there.

i've not shared this with many people but knowing how much you support my dreams pushes me further and i hope that you feel the same way. dreams are so real to me. dreams are not just passive hopes that sit in the backdrop of my mind. dreams are an active pursuit of a heart felt ambition, and you are a part of that.

i can't thank you enough.

i love you-

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