dreams from my balcony.

for nearly 10 years i've toyed with the idea of writing a book and done little to nothing about it. well here is my first go. unedited, unchanged but here's the feel:

the mid-morning sun shines through the tiny apartment lined ruelle, its rays lighting the tiniest particles in the air. the sounds of the city kids playing football fill the corridor between the towering buildings, the clanking of the coffee can they use as a ball is a melody to the thoughts in my head. the sweet smell of the ocean enlivens the morning breeze and intoxicates my senses as i drift off to my favorite place.

from here i see nothing but the grand azure sky of my Mediterranean home as the early spring clouds dance for their observers below. i watch the clouds as they dance for me. the feeling of the warm tiled floor against my bare back warms me as a cat that sits in the early light of day to sun herself. lying here, beneath my sky i find my escape from the torment of my everyday.

the world is beyond me and i am floating amidst my friends. this is where my dreams come to me. my balcony.

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