As a young boy i was always fascinated by the idea that one day I would stand up to take upon myself a great challenge that would prove my manhood, a challenge that would usher me into adulthood and the glory that accompanied that mantle of importance and responsibility. well, in the words of my youngest sister, "YA RIGHT." I've come to realize that there is no singular event that defines you as a person. There is no life quest, no walkabout, no initiation, no rite of passage, the will guarantee your role or position in the world. Life itself is a rite of passage with stages and constant course of continuing education. We are constantly redefining our individual nature and the purpose that drives us.

I am an optimist. I'm an idealist. I see life as an opportunity for growth and improvement. I seek the good in each person. I am encouraged by even the slightest glimmer of positivity.

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